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BCCLA Sues CSEC Over Domestic Spying, Round 2

Posted by Matt on April 03, 2014         Tagged with: csec, surveillance, bccla

The BCCLA has commenced another lawsuit against the Communications Security Establishment in the Federal Court. This is one is a class action lawsuit, with Lindsay Lyster, the President of the BCCLA, as the representative plaintiff. The proposed class is anyone in Canada who has used a wireless device since 2001. The term "wireless device" includes "cellular telephone, smartphones including iPhones, Blackberries, laptop computers, iPads and similar devices".

So anyone in Canada who has used a laptop or cellular telephone in the last 13 years. That's a lot of people.

BCCLA's first lawsuit asked the Court to determine that CSEC's warrantless surveillance activities violated Canadian's constitutionally protected rights. If that case is successful, then this class action will hopefully provide Canadians with remedies beyond CSEC getting a stern scolding.