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GCHQ Concerned As Yahoo Moves To Dublin

Posted by Matt on March 25, 2014         Tagged with: gchq, surveillance

A brief followup on the GCHQ snoops Yahoo webcam chats story that I posted about earlier. As a consequence of that surveillance, Yahoo has decided to move the center of their European operations from London to Dublin. This would put them beyond the reach of the UK's Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, which compels UK companies to provide access to communications stored on their server. (It's not quite that simple of course; it never is, but that's the gist). Understandably, this has the UK intelligence community concerned:

"There are concerns in the Home Office about how RIPA will apply to Yahoo once it has moved its headquarters to Dublin," said a Whitehall source. "The home secretary asked to see officials from Yahoo because in Dublin they don't have equivalent laws to Ripa. This could particularly affect investigations led by Scotland Yard and the national crime agency. They regard this as a very serious issue."

As Techdirt points out, Yahoo's probably sees this "very serious issue" as precisely the reason they're moving to Dublin in the first place.