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International Broadband Speed Results

Posted by Matt on December 04, 2013         Tagged with: tech, internet

Web metrics company Ookla has released some data on average broadband Internet speeds across the globe. The data is based on the recent test results of Internet users on

In their ranking of countries by download speed, Canada comes in at #39, with the average Canadian Internet user achieving a download speed of 18.98 Mbps. This beat the mean download speed of 16.25 Mbps, but still put us behind such global powerhouses as Andorra (#4), Latvia (#12), Republic of Moldova (#17), Estonia (#28) and Ukraine (#31). Also the United States (#32) and Russia (#34).

The ranking doesn't take into account the cost of Internet services in different countries or geographic considerations (it's no surprise that Hong Kong is #1), so I'm not sure we can draw too many conclusions from these numbers. But if you're looking to relocate and Internet speed is important to you then Romania (#3) should be looking pretty good to you right now.

(Hat tip to Techdirt for this one).