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Lawyer from Hell

Posted by Matt on December 03, 2013

The New York Times has an interesting (but long) article on the Hells Angels motorycycle club. As you would expect, they have some legal issues, and the article focuses almost as much on the legal counsel they hire as it does on the club itself. The first paragraph reads:

Fritz Clapp, a 67-year-old lawyer with a bright red mohawk, practices intellectual property law. Years ago, his clients were “small-time businesses that nobody had ever heard of.” Then he found something bigger. Today, Mr. Clapp, an eloquent and irreverent man known to wear a purple fez during negotiations with other lawyers, represents the interests of a group not commonly associated with intellectual property: the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. His main role is not as a bulldog criminal defense counsel for the notorious group but as a civilized advocate in its relentless battle to protect its many registered trademarks.

If you live in California and you think you might want to hire the "Lawyer from Hell" to protect YOUR trademarks, you can check out his website.

Getting sued by anyone can be a terrifying experience for the average person. I imagine getting sued by the Hell's Angels would be doubly terrifying. But apparently, it's not so bad. From page 2 of the article:

“Initially, we were not sure whether we had to worry for our safety,” said Kevin Drucker, a lawyer who represented Headgear Inc., which was sued in 2008 over T-shirts bearing the Hells Angels name. “But the impression I was left with was that when they litigate, they do so civilly. This changed the way I thought about them.”

See? Civilized businessmen.