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Graffiti artists lose legal battle

Posted by Matt on November 15, 2013         Tagged with: copyright

A few weeks ago I blogged about some graffiti artists in New York who were seeking an injunction to stop a building they had been using as a gallery from being torn down to make way for condos. Despite some initial success (the court granted a temporary ten-day injunction), they have lost their case. The NY Daily News reports that the judge has refused to grant a permanent injunction. The property owners are hoping to have the building demolished by the end of December.

This isn't a great surprise. What the artists were asking for would have been a massive intrusion upon the rights of a private property owner. But it's still a shame. The pictures of the building that accompany that NY Daily News article make it look like a pretty impressive gallery of work.

(Hat tip to the IPKat for this one).