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Updated IP Chapter of Trans-Pacific Partnership leaked

Posted by Matt on November 13, 2013         Tagged with: internet

Michael Geist has a decent rundown of the latest leak of the IP chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. There's nothing too surprising in there: the US is still trying to export the worst of it's intellectual property regime, and Japan (and to a lesser extent, Australia) are totally on board with that. The question of which is the most odious of the US/JP/AU proposals is a topic on which reasonable people can reasonably disagree. It's the requirement that all countries adopt life + 70 years as a minimum copyright term that most turns my stomach. For you, it might be the attempt to turn ISPs into copyright cops.

What is nice to see is that Canada has opposed most of these proposals. Like many people on the Internet, I write a lot of nasty things about the government. (In my defense, if they would stop doing nasty things, I wouldn't have to write about them.) But that doesn't mean I can't acknowledge when they are doing the right thing. So, Canadian negotiating team, please accept my heartfelt thanks for pushing back on these issues. Far too often, Canadians feel like we are pushed into accepting international agreements which are contrary to our interests. We are a sovereign country and we are truly appreciative when our politicians and civil servants recognize this fact.