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The ultimate primer on "Freeman-on-the-Land"

Posted by Matt on October 02, 2013

There have been a number of news stories lately about the troubles a landlord has had with a so-called "Freeman-on-the-Land" who rented her property and subsequently declared it a sovereign embassy and refused to pay rent or move out.

If, like me, crazy people fascinate you and you want to learn more about Freemen-on-the-Land, CBC's The Current recently did two episodes on the movement. The first consists of two interviews with people studying the movement, and the second is an interview with a "guru" from the movement itself.

But if you REALLY have a lot of time on your hands, you can't do better than Meads v. Meads, the 176+ page court decision in which an Edmonton judge conducts the most detailed takedown of the movement that is ever likely to be put to paper (or screen). Don't worry, you'll probably only need to read the first 143 pages to get the gist of it.