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An accidental NSA haiku

Posted by Matt on September 20, 2013         Tagged with: surveillance, nsa

Yesterday, a post over on Slaw drew my attention to Jonathan Feinberg's Haiku Finder. Given an excerpt of text, the Haiku Finder "looks for sentences or groups of sentences whose words fall in groups of 5, 7, and 5 syllables". Inspired by Jacob Appelbaum's NSA haiku, I thought I'd plug in some speeches by the some of the NSA's defenders and detractors and see if any good haikus fell out.

Unfortunately, it turns out accidental haikus are more rare than you might expect. The only decent one to come out of the whole exercise comes from an NBC interview with James Clapper, where Clapper described the difficulty of ensuring national security while respecting civil liberties:

And that the challenge
      for us is navigating
between those two poles