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Google goes (sort of) punk

Posted by Matt on September 09, 2013         Tagged with: music

Maybe it's just because they're tired of the record industry calling them parasites, but Google is looking to sponsor some punk bands. YouTube is launching a new development program called [MUSICIANS WANTED] Punk Rock, and they're soliciting applications. Successful applicants will get $3,000 to travel to LA to work with a “professional director” and crew to shoot a music video. If you already live in LA, I guess you can just blow the three grand on food trucks.

Of course, it’s important to read the fine print , which in this case contains the somewhat creepy requirement that you have access to a webcam. It also states that your video may not promote any political agenda or message, contain any disparaging remarks about any company or communicate “messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or good will to which Google wishes to associate”, whatever the hell that means. It’s like a clubhouse with a NO GREG GAFFINS ALLOWED sign on the door.

Bad Religion - Seattle, WA

You might be thinking how ridiculous it is that so many of the greatest punk rock bands of all time wouldn't be eligible for this contest. That is because you are clinging to an old, outdated definition of "punk". Punk, for the sake of this contest, is whatever Google says it is. Eligible bands must "be an independent music group containing 3 or more people, pertaining to the punk rock genre, as determined by Google".

On the positive side of things, they do let you keep the intellectual property rights in the video, although you grant them an irrevocable license to use the video and any related material for promotional purposes and waive all your moral rights. So if you're punk enough for Google, then this might be a pretty good deal.