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NO SIGNAL was started in August 2013 as a place to publish (in a very liberal sense of the word publish) some draft blog posts that had been building up in a folder on Google Drive. So far, it has only one author: Matt. Matt was a Linux/UNIX system administrator before going to law school. Now he has a job where he spends way more time than is healthy thinking about technology contracts, telecommunications law and intellectual property. He can be found on Twitter at @mjlonsda.

This blog is written by someone with an interest in technology and the law (and sometimes music), for an audience with an interest in the same. Nothing on this blog should be considered legal advice. Legal advice is tailored to your specific situation and takes into account all relevant details; this blog is hammered out by a guy you've never met on his lunch break and makes sweeping generalizations and simplifications.

Another way to spot the difference is that legal advice is very rarely free.